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Coastal Birding Association is located on the Alabama Gulf Coast.  We have field trips throughout the year and promote comraderie among wild bird enthusiasts, the preservation of bird habitat and conservation of wildlife.  If you are interested in the natural wonders of the Alabama Gulf Coast, please join us on one of our field trips!

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CBA Membership

The Coastal Birding Association is a chapter of the Alabama Ornitholigical Society (AOS). All CBA members are also members of the AOS. Membership to the Coastal Birding Association is only $5 per year (in addition to your AOS membership). Membership forms are found on the AOS website.

Why Join the Coastal Birding Association?

  • Members receive semi-annual newsletter

  • New birders are welcome: learn while birding with local experts.

  • Enjoy camaraderie with the Gulf Coast birding community.

  • Explore new birding sites and experiences at CBA field trips.

  • Your membership helps support maintenance of the water features at the Shell Mounds and Goat Trees on Dauphin Island, CBA website, production and mailing of the newsletter and regular field trips.